While others are satisfied with a superficial approach, Monument Financial delves deeper to gain a core understanding of each business partner we work with.


“It’s important to understand the company and their growth plan so we can plan accordingly. We get down into the weeds,” says Monument Financial founder Aaron T. Jones.


Armed with that knowledge, Aaron can then help each company find not only the best financing options to suit their needs but also potentially open other doors to new partnerships.


“There’s a lot of teaming and partnering in government contracting,” says Aaron who has almost three decades of experience in government contracting and business in Washington D.C.


“Once you have a healthy understanding of the business owner and their philosophy – what are the agencies and the contracts that they are targeting – then it’s easier for me to be a matchmaker of sorts.


“I can then maybe partner them with someone with core capabilities that complement their core capabilities so they, as a team, can go after other government contracts,” says Aaron who has secured more than $1.6 billion dollars in government task orders during his career and is an acknowledged expert in the field.