Monument Financial understands the government contracting world and is committed to finding financing for companies in the sector where others cannot. We understand each company’s circumstances are unique and specialize in finding the right financing partner for each client. Among the services we offer are:


Asset-based lending – This type of loan, sometimes called commercial or asset-based financing, is often based on inventory, equipment, accounts receivable or
other property the borrower owns.


Factoring – Especially attractive to companies with slow-paying invoices, this type of financing usually involves a factoring company buying the client’s accounts receivables. This gives the company immediate access to funds which can be used to pay for business expenses.


NonBank Lending – Offering an alternative to traditional banks and increasingly popular, these financial institutions can offer lending services but do not accept deposits.


Bank Lending – The first stop for traditional financing, banks are often a no-man’s land for companies in the world of government financing. That’s where we step in, educating bankers about client needs and helping secure financing.